Thursday, December 9, 2010

Who saw my flyer

To whoever saw my little flyers and decided to pay the site a visit, thanks! So if you came to find out why I don't wear shoes, the reasons are simple. Its because its better for you, its how our feet were designed to work and interact with the ground. To those who believe in evolution, we didn't spend 2million years evolving with shoes on. Our bodies were designed and formed without shoes. To those who believe in creationism, I say god didn't give Adam and eve shoes. He made us in his image, without shoes.

Many people ask me how I get into restaurants. Well,most of the time I sneak in. Truth be told though there are no laws against being barefoot, its a misconception. So email me or follow my blog, Facebook providence barefooter, or follow my twitter Las but not least, come on guys give barefooting a try.

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