Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It's Easy Without Shoes Fact Sheets

Due to a lifelong problem with dyslexia, there may be some spelling errors. That said, here they are. If any of you feel like sharing this blog feel free to printout any of these and post them somewhere for all to see.

Barefooting is easy
Barefooting is good for you
Barefooting is NOT illegal
Join the revolution

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  1. "Barefooting is NOT illegal"

    This isn't true everywhere.


  2. Yes, there are some parts of America that feel it necessary to step on peoples basic rights to how they clothe themselves. This, luckily is only a town ordinance and not a state or federal law. Maybe one day the residents of that town and the dozen or so towns around America that have these rules will fight back and see that senseless ordinance repealed.

  3. I have always worn comfy/spacious trainers - I can't stand heels/flat bottomed shoes, they are so uncomfortable. Even being female I've never quite seen the point of them (heels). Decent shoes that allow feet breathing space are so hard to come by...apart from sports shops etc...
    Maybe one day I will have the courage to go out barefoot!

  4. "Maybe one day the residents of that town and the dozen or so towns around America that have these rules will fight back and see that senseless ordinance repealed."

    No one has bothered to challenge it. That is why it still exists. When they passed such a law in 1968 in Youngstown Ohio, and a someone informed the Supreme Court a few months later, the judge got rid of the law - it was unconstitutional. And when they tried to pass an anti-barefoot law in 1969 in San Francisco, it never even got anywhere. Also called unconstitutional. Usually, only private property and businesses can make up their own rules like that, public places belonging to the city or state cannot. Though a few have slipped by, like in MA, and need to be challenged.

  5. RJ, I encourage you to try barefooting. I'd advise you ease into it though. Dont rush yourself.

    Anonymous, yeah well barefooting is getting bigger and bigger. Hopefully the law will be torn down

  6. "bigger and bigger", maybe for your short life...you have no idea just how common it was in the late 1960s and early 1970s...you missed it. In some college towns it looked like footwear had just gone out of style, for a few years at least. Then going barefoot slowly started going out of style...never came back....the squeaky-clean image of the 1980s ruined it all..LOL

  7. Very true, but what I meant by that is that it isnt just a fringe group of a specific type of person. It is gaining the recognition of "the man." Slowly but surely. Every day more and more "Average Joes" and Janes are starting to go barefoot. Hopefully it'll soon become mainstream and acceptable.

  8. What fascinates me is that each and every argument you mention also holds true (even more so) for male underwear: need for support is a myth, it actually promotes microbial growth (and is thus less hygienic) but doesn't prevent the spread of pathogens, long-term testicular overheating is associated with testicular cancer and a host of other ailments, etc, etc.

    So what is your stance on that?

  9. Well your facts are amazing but I cannot imagine myself without easy living footwear . Your facts show something different about shoes like bare foot people have less injuries. Thats surprising!