Thursday, April 14, 2011

Another installment of humorous mockery

Alright heres something a little controversial. As if I don't already with every post. Two schools of thought out there on this subject.

And that subject is

Of course, I have to link this back to my barefooting, the topic of this blog. So, some people will say "Millions of years of evolution" others say "Made in God's image." 

So, either this happened or that happened, either could be true, but I think we can both agree...

THIS didn't happen. 

Neither did THIS...

My apologies for the roughness of my sketches, but I think they get the point across. 

Whether we spent millions of years developing to perfection, or made out of clay in the image of some divine being, the result is the same. In both cases we weren't made in shoes. 

We were born with the perfect platform with which to move. What makes us as a species so arrogant to think that we can create something superior? The result of altering the way we were built to function, ailments over the entire body exploding in the western world. 

Now doesn't that seem absurd that we strap our feet in every day to these gait altering foot coffins? 

It certainly seems absurd to me, this is among the many reasons why I go barefoot. 

Barefooting is easy
Barefooting is good for you
Barefooting is NOT illegal
Join the revolution

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  1. I totally agree... but be careful...
    We have houses not in caves or under leaves or whatever people lived in years ago... so should we go back to that way of living because it's how we originally lived? (completely rhetorical, but hopefully you get the point.)
    "What makes us as a species so arrogant to think that we can create something superior?"

    "It does to me, and the thousands of other barefooters all over the world. This is why we go barefoot."
    Don't speak for all barefooters... please...

  2. Tehee, noted, a tweek is in order. When I type things late at night my mind gets a little less sharp.

  3. Tweek'd!

    but in response to your rhetorical question, yeah but I wouldn't really say that living in a house negatively affects our health. God I certainly hope it doesn't! Now we know for a fact that shoes alter the way we work, for the worse. I was speaking in terms of altering our body and its functions not so much the environment in which we live. Personally, I see a big distinction between them. Does that make sense? I've never been great at expressing things through text. Somehow I ended up a blogger though.

  4. A whole blog about barefooting it out. That's pretty cool . . I'll have to refer this to a friend I know who is all about not wearing shoes.

  5. Thanks!

    There are a lot of blogs like this out there. I don't know of another barefooter that likes climbing on the things I do, but they do all sorts of other interesting things. I recommend you look at some of the other barefooters blogs too. There is a lot of really interesting stuff on the net.