Sunday, June 30, 2013

Listen up!

It has come to my attention that some of you have been talking about me and spreading some information that is untrue. Every once in a while I get messages on my PERSONAL Facebook account from people wanting to discuss feet, sometimes mine specifically, in an erotic or fetish like manner. Every time I have to tell them that I have no interest in feet as objects of desire. Generally these people are middle aged men that are much older than me. This also raises the second disclosure that I apparently need to address. So, here are the two rumors that I apparently need to dispel. The first: I have absolutely zero interest in feet as sexual/erotic objects. In my mind they are simply a very important part of my body that I have a respect for and try to treat well. People ask me if I feel "powerful" or "cool" or "hot" and the answer is always no. I simply feel comfortable. I go barefoot because it is healthy and because I like to. It has no deeper meaning to me, no symbolism, no protest, no erotic nature, it's simply a lack of shoes and the natural way. Still, people will find my personal account and ask me these fetish sounding questions and let me announce this publicly for all to see, I do not have a foot fetish and it honestly makes me very uncomfortable when people talk to me as if I do. If you have a foot fetish that's your business, and that's fine, but please, know that I do not view the foot with any sexual connotation at all. It's simply what I use to move. The second issue: Due to the fact that the people messaging me in this way are almost always middle aged males, I suspected there might be some speculation that I was gay, but I'm used to that in the real world anyway. I was just informed today that there has been some discussion about me and some of you actually have come to the compulsion that I am gay. This is something I'm used to, but let me take this opportunity to say that I am a firm supporter of gay rights and marriage equality and have many close gay friends. I believe the state has no place to outlaw recognition of the love of two consenting adults and that love in all it's forms is a thing of beauty. With that said I am a heterosexual. The fact that I support marriage equality means I believe in love over law. It has nothing to do with sexual orientation. So here's the simple version, I like being barefoot, but don't have a foot fetish, I support marriage equality, but am straight. If you've messaged me this way, know that I have no negative feelings toward you, but that is not who I am and please respect that. Thanks folks!

Monday, June 17, 2013

The Hobo Vacation

This is a term that I have come to use to describe my brief zero budget get aways. Generally for three day periods, I live outside and just focus on having fun and being alive.

These are among my favorite activities after my first one last summer.

It's a delightful experience and I highly recommend it to anyone that has the time. It's basically urban camping.

The first real hobo vacation was a three day excursion to Block Island

We wandered around for three days relaxing and just having fun

My brother, a very skilled skimboarder, was able to use a piece of a door we found as a makeshift board. He was able to use this piece of driftwood as if it were a real skimboard.

We befriended several cats we named Hobo Cat, Nameless Cat, Third Cat, and Different Cat. 

Next was the stay at the Ruin, an abandoned fort once used for target practice, but now vacant.

This wild island fortress served as our home for only two days, but I hope to stay for longer soon.

Naturally, several miles from shore, the stars were absolutely breathtaking.

We made our camp in one of the archways.

With no obstructions, the sunrise was absolutely superb.

With the sun lighting up the fort, it was time for some climbing.

We didn't let our distance from civilization and dead cellphones get int the way of adventure.

Something I had said I would do for quite some time is sleep in the bridge.

The views were quite beautiful from my original planned sleeping place.

However later that night the driving winds and temperature near freezing necessitated that I move.

I took shelter inside the counterweight where I had a fairly warm place sheltered from the intense winds outside. To say that I slept well would certainly be generous, but it was relatively comfortable.

I awoke to the all too human sounds of paddles in the water. It was the crew team, I'd guess from Brown. They start at an all together uncivilized hour, but they were fun to watch. 

With light I left the bridge around 8am, and have yet to sleep there again, but I plan to over the warmer months, perhaps for several days. 

My most recent trip was just a few weeks ago. One of my favorite places to visit is the tunnel. 

At the far end, there was a pile of railroad ties. I saw potential.

I started stacking them to create a tower. 

by the second night I had a structure that was around nine feet tall with a loft bed. 

The final day was mostly relaxing and some additional securing of the structure. 

I like to think that just because this might not make money, it is truly satisfying in a way that is unmatched by more traditional endeavors. Besides, it leaves me more creative, energized, and inspired so that I can be more productive and happy in my career and life in general. 

Barefooting is easy
Barefooting is good for you
Barefooting is NOT illegal
Join the revolution

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