Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A store owner actually was hospitable to me

I throughout the day went into many different places. Most of them I was not noticed. My stops today included.

ACE Hardware
No one noticed

NAPA auto parts

Shaws market
At Shaws I was actually spotted at the cashier line. A woman said OH NO SHOES? More shocked than irritated. I explained and she didn't even ask me to leave or bring up I shouldn't be in there. Maybe people around here are starting to get a little more mature and learn to accept different lifestyles.

 I have never been confronted or even asked here so I don't know whether of not they approve

Later that night I revisited the Mystic Village to do some shopping. I entered many stores without shoes, none noticed, except one. The store that I refer to as the "Nordic Store" was one of my last stops. I was very quickly noticed by a few people inside. It wasn't until one of the employees started talking to me that I got an actual question. "Vher ahr hyour shoes?" in a Scandinavian accent. I answered and actually had a really cool conversation with this woman. She eagerly showed me off to her co workers calling me a "viking boy." She asked me all about why I do it and thought it was hilarious I had papers proving there is no law against barefooting. I grabbed what I needed, wished her a nice night along with all of the  employees and managers, and set out into the night. 

I got a few questions from bystanders in the walkways in the village, they were all so shocked to see me and very interested in my behavior. Every day I try to change hearts and minds and it really seems like its working. Every day the world is slowly getting more and more used to the barefooters. We are here to stay.

Barefooting is easy,
Barefooting is good for you,
Barefooting is NOT illegal,
Join the revolution,

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  1. COOL! Glad to see you are making progress where you are. I have only been confronted 3 times this whole year, and I was able to over come each one!
    This year I pushed the envelope too. I went to places like Applebees, Chili's ect.

    The one that really stood out this year was the local veterans thrift shop. It's a huge thrift store and I was asked to leave, so I called up the manager and offered a liability waiver and I got to say I was soooo impressed with her drive to help me out.

    She took 2 whole days working on it for me, she had to contact 3 higher ups and get them to sign off on it, which they did, and I am now allowed there. I really like going there because unlike goodwill and salvation army they have lots of new trendy stuff for cheap.

    Oh yeah and BTW if the "Five Guys" you were talking about is "Five Guys Burgers" I think you are safe there.
    The first one in my area opened recently and while I was standing in line an employee was sweeping and brushed my foot a little and just said "Sorry Sir", Later that same employee came up to the counter and asked if it was a fire code to have the line blocking the door, so I am sure if it was a rule he would have told on me.
    I also stood a good 20 minutes in front of the counter, but not right against the counter, back from it, eating peanuts.My feet in full view of all the employees,including the manager and nothing was said.
    I didn't try sitting down though, the place was JAM PACKED and there was no room. I will be back and will sit down next time, when things calm down.