Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Kicked out of the mall for liability

I was told by security the mall was a pvt place and it was a huge liability issue for me to be barefoot so I asked if I could submit a release form, they said I could submit it. So I will.

I also am trying but keep getting an error message to send an email to the mall.

To whom this may concern,
      I was just in the mall and was asked to leave for not having shoes on. Before you close this out and throw it away as I am sure you might want to do right now, hear me out. For health reasons I cannot wear shoes. For me, they cause crippling back pain that I had to deal with for most of my life before I stopped wearing shoes.
      I was told by security that it was a liability issue. If this is true, than I should be able to submit a liability release form so I can once again be allowed in the mall able to shop pain free. I have a liability release form that I printed off of the barefoot rights site it states

"I Hayward H. Gatch IV am a Barefooter for Religious and Health reasons. Please understand that it is NOT illegal for patrons/customers to walk barefoot.
If I should hurt my feet in any way while in or near your establishment, I will take full responsibility for my actions, and you are under no obligations whatsoever to be held responsible.
Thank you for your concern."

      When I turn in the signed hard copy of this to you I am releasing the mall of any liability for any injury caused by not wearing shoes. I was told this was purely a liability issue and is not specifically targeted against people who choose to live without shoes. If what was said was true, than this form should serve both of our needs and we can continue the business relationship between myself and your fine mall.

Thank you for listening,
Hayward H. Gatch IV

Thats it. Going for a walk.


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