Saturday, December 18, 2010

Long time, no post.

Hey world. Since I have gotten back to my hometown I have been doing just as much barefooting. At my least meal at college before winter break I was barefoot in a hall that had kicked me out earlier this year.

I also went to Conn College's dining hall and library barefoot. No problems.

Another stop yesterday was the Pizza Place restaurant in Westerly.

I went to my brother's dress rehersal for Amahl and the night visitors. Barefoot ofcourse I was in and out working on another actors blackberry. Half the cast was barefoot because it takes place at the time of Jesus. What did they know that we lost?

Anyway right now I'm at a subway with my father and grandfather. People are staring but not confronting. So world thats my day so far.

(update) Talked to two WWII veterans one Eighth Air Force, and one USMC, they were very curious about my feet. The wife was actually more approving than the vets who took a more whatever works for you good for you attitude. Heading out right now to Alex's house this should be fun.

As always,

Barefooting is easy,
Barefooting is good for you,
Barefooting is NOT illegal,
Join the revolution,


  1. Hi Hayward,

    I like your decision to live without shoes and I have great respect for your consistency to do the same during winter time. I walk barefoot from time to time in the summer, but not as much as I would like to do. I don't like it when other people staring at me. Going by your definition, my self-confidence must be very low. ;) I whish I were a bit more like you. :)

    I will follow your blog and hope you keep your barefoot live. Btw. would be interesting to see a picture of your soles, to see how tough they are after nearly one year barefoot live ;)

    Kind regards from Germany

  2. Well Joerg, one of the things I did to get less people to stare at me and more people to talk to me is I wrote "ask me" on my feet. Now people come up to me and I teach them about the barefoot lifestyle. Dude, don't let other people's ignorance scare you into shoes. If they want to doom themselves to authritis and bad overall health, let them, it's their choice. But whatever you do, don't let them influence you.