Monday, December 13, 2010


South Pacific was a great time, I had no trouble being barefoot at all. During intermission I sprinted through the rain to get a burger for Molly. After the play Molly and I stood under the overhang with all the others waiting for their cars. Dad took a while to come around because of the traffic and many people were staring at my feet.

Finally I hear some muffled talking behind me and a woman said "they say ask." Just then an elderly woman behind me asked me why I had no shoes on and I told her it was from back pain. They immediately held their hands up and exclaimed "No wonder we are all messed up we wear shoes." I get the sense she was making fun of me but at the same time they did hear me out which was nice. I told them there was a lot of science behind it and encouraged them to Google it for themselves.

With the exception of Molly, we had not even had dinner yet. We ended up going to Weybosett Cafe. We all got our meals, sat down and each discussed what about our meal displeased us. Me, the fact my chicken wrap was full of ligaments, dad, the chicken smelled weird, and Molly's lemonade was water, and after that ginger ale was clear carbonated water.

With our bellies full of mediocre food, we said our goodbyes. Its going to be a rough week without Molly I can already tell. I got back up to the room and resumed work on my english essay. I wandered over to the study lounge to use their wifi, after I tried to email my documents through my iPad, I decided to just stay in there and finish it on one of my laptops. As I left to grab my laptop a student called me Barefoot Bandit, I laughed and walked out the door.

About twenty minutes into typing my paper again I heard the muffled "They say ask." "Come on ask." followed by the loud and clear "Why don't you wear shoes?" I answered their question and they were all very intrigued. A friend of mine brought up the point of the health code. They were all surprised to know that the law is actually fictitious.

Finally I finished the paper, saved it, and went back to my room to print it and go to bed.

Today I went to my english class, turned in the paper, and went to get a burger. I am really starting to think they don't care I'm barefoot, one can only hope. I spent a few hours wandering around the RISD Brown University area. On my way back I had an elderly oriental couple ask me if I was cold. I said no and they said "Wow!" I told them it was for back pain and they seemed interested but I was in a bit of a hurry so I wished them a good day and got back to my dorm.

Here I sit, blogging when I should be doing my marketing's alright. I am about halfway done and there are only four questions total. So world I leave you for my homework. I will be back after my marketing class if I don't decide to throw up a few ads after.

Barefooting is easy,
Barefooting is good for you,
Barefooting is NOT illegal,
Join the revolution,

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