Monday, December 6, 2010


Went to the mall, barefoot ofcourse. My wanderings through many of their stores eventually had me end up at a store called Teavana. As I snagged a free sample from the dispenser thing, a woman approached me and said "No shoes." I responded yes and after a few seconds of raised eyebrow silence confessed "I like it." After a few minutes of pleasant conversation, I left with some tea and the moved down to CVS for a carton of chocolate milk. In the cashiers line a woman asked me if my feet were cold I told her no and that it was no problem and healthy. The day went on. I had my next class no conflicts yet. I had my dinner. No one challenged me. At about 8:30 I decided to walk up to the Whole Foods market which was about two miles away. They were the first place I've ever seen with posted rules against being barefoot. They were also the first place to NOT challenge me on being barefoot when they noticed. I grabbed my groceries and walked back toy dorm. The temperature was 29 degrees f and the winds were whipping. I was though easily able to survive with my feet still on me. People think I'm crazy, but I challenge you to think of a time before the invention of shoes. We are still here so we must have survived somehow.

The forecast for tomorrow is snow. I'll try to tough it out. But I know my limits. I am not going to lose a toe to prove a point. I'll have my five fingers in my bag. But I'm really going to give it my all and try to survive snow barefoot. Wish me luck!


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