Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I got a reply from security at the mall today.

"Mr. Gatch,
Maybe in my first email I didn't clarify all the points I attempted to make so I will try again.
1) We do not accept individual waivers of liability.  Its hasn't happened in the past and will not happen in the future.  If the mall owners (GGP) feels that situations require individual wavers of liability then the Legal Dept. will work on such an item and they will become the standard within the mall.  But as of today they don't accept them and there are [does he mean no?] plans to accept them in the future so this is not a realistic possibility.
2) Presently you are right there is no need to be the feet police because everyone who enters wears shoes or something covering their feet.  We know that we don't have to worry about where people step because their feet are protected by shoes.  It is only when people start walking around the mall barefooted that we need to concern ourselves with where peoples feet have been.  Bare footed people then become a concern not only for anything they may bring in on their feet but also from what they could contract from the carpets by walking around bear footed.  Solution is wear something to protect the feet, then the issue is non-existant.
3) Good old fashioned American discrimination?  Discrimination is discrimination, I don't feel American's have the market cornered on it or display a distinct brand of discrimination.  But either way I don't feel you have the facts correct.  We do ask people to leave if they display violent or profane messages on their clothing, this to [too?] is unacceptable.  We do require patrons to not disrupt the experience of others with clothing issues ie. to [too?] revealing, obscene messaging and or violent messaging but also personal hygiene could be an issue that would warrant asking someone to leave.
4) Finally I truly find it hard to believe that you think being inside a mall presents "All the world has to Offer".  Its a mall!  You shop here , eat here, go to the movies here, then leave and go experience the world.  Malls are places of necessity not a place where one experiences all the world has to offer. 
In conclusion I understand you have been suffering with back pain for the 16 of your 18 years on this planet.  Its amazing that your recall of the pain from the age of two is still with you and but hopefully someone will diagnose what your specific ailment is and provide you with a corrective solution. Ultimately to come into the mall you will be required  to wear shoes, or shoes type foot covering
I hope this clarifys any misunderstandings that may have existed from the previous email..


First of all wow. He seemed angry...he is still ignoring the fact I am totally willing to release them from liability, if not an individual form then through their legal department. It is all American discrimination because for most of the rest of the world, this isn't an issue. I see people dressed in all kinds of violent and profane clothing, the store even SELLS IT! Honestly people, how family can a mall be with a Victoria's Secret store?And dude, the mall is the closest equivalent to the markets and bazaars of old. It is a place I can get stuff from all over the world in one place. So, then you say I have to be in the mall with a foot covering...alright dude, hows a pair of socks? My feet are covered...

anyway people comment on this please. 

and as always,

Barefooting is easy,
Barefooting is good for you,
Barefooting is NOT illegal,
Join the revolution,


  1. I guess there needs to be more barefooters in your area. Then you could all show up to the mall en masse and perhaps do a sit-in type protest. Power in numbers my friend, and we just don't have the numbers.

  2. Ok he went over the line as far as being rude to a customer.
    Keep this letter and like I said before contact the Mall Manager, not security and tell him how rude the guy was and explain you are a shopper and spent lots of money and want to continue to do so.

    If you send another e-mail it will go right back to security.
    Instead you have to probably call and ask for the mall manager. Do not tell whoever answers the reason you want to talk to him, just say you need to.

    Like my mall the head of security was an ass but even worse the yours he said "either wear shoes or stay out of the mall, like it or not".
    When I talked to the manager he was verry sorry for the security guys actions and actually heard me out.

    It seems people in security feel they can do what they want without even checking with the main guy. I think the badge goes to their head.

  3. Go to your doctor and get a note stating that going barefoot is necessary due to your back pain being disabling. Then, they pretty much have to let you in barefoot or subject themselves to an Americans with Disabilities Act lawsuit.

  4. I kinda hate the fact that it falls under "disabilities" its more like preventing disabilities but oh well.