Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My doctor approves :D

I saw an accupressurist who I basically refer to as my doctor because I trust him a lot more than the people that like to just pump you full of pills and side effects. Anyway, heres our text conversation. Yeah, I text my doctor epic right?

"---------, did I tell you that I found a permanent solution for my back pain?

No, what?!

Strangely enough, I stopped wearing shoes. My backpain, Sleepyness, and general blah feeling has disappeared. I haven't worn shoes since June and I also haven't gotten sick. By this time I've usually had 3 to 4 colds

This is because you are very bright, and can see clearly, good for you!!!! Proud of you!!!! The earth is the perfect grounding and leverage for your spine and health, you're connected, Bravo! lets talk christmas break."

God hes the man!

Anyway world, I'm going for a run.

Barefooting is easy,
Barefooting is good for you,
Barefooting is NOT illegal,
Join the revolution,

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