Sunday, December 26, 2010

LOTS of snowfooting and some tolerance!

My father woke me up around 9:00 AM and asked if he wanted to go to breakfast. I said "Absolutely!" I rolled out of bed, took a shower, brushed my teeth and got dressed. As I took my first step into the then centimeter deep snow, my father said "You know I seem to remember you saying you were going to put on some shoes when it started snowing." To which I replied, "Dad, I said they'd be my heavy snow boots. (vff's)" I stepped out of the car and onto the street. I had my first few steps into some fairly fresh snow. Once I hit the rock salt the difference was shocking. That stuff hurts more than glass.

Anyway I got into the restaurant without being noticed, took my seat and had a fantastic meal.

Throughout my entire meal no one spotted my feet that I saw.

On the way out I snapped a few more pictures of me and I am pretty sure our server saw me but didn't comment.

At the front desk the cashier noticed and asked me where my shoes were. I told her and as understandably surprised as she and everyone else would be, she was mature and accommodating enough to not even challenge me and simply said she would keep hers on. It's really nice to have places that don't think its necessary to make up rules to keep people out.

I figured I'd leave my mark on the streets.

I made it into Home Depot barefoot. I walked around a little, then with my father went to pay a bill. On our way out another cashier saw my lack of shoes and again asked if I was freezing. I said no and it's absolutely worth no back pain. She expressed a lot of interest in it which was nice. Again the mythical law was not even brought up. I was really happy to see this.

On the way back we stopped at a family friends house and spent a great deal of time talking about philosophy, art, and the world. Always a pleasure to see him. He too was very intrigued with my bare feet. It really seems like more and more people are being respectful and I really appreciate it. So, 
To the world,

I got back home and spent the rest of the day helping my father organize the cavernous mess that is the garage. We got a lot of stuff done today but to someone who didn't see it beforehand, it still looks like a mess. Oh well progress isn't always obvious.

Barefooting is easy,
Barefooting is good for you,
Barefooting is NOT illegal,
Join the revolution,

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  1. Sounds like you had a great day and many positive experiences. I agree, the road salt sucks. It is still one thing I try to avoid at all costs. Now I know what the dogs feel like. Even though I have "trained" my barefeet for winter, the salt is just too nasty at times. I also find, layering my clothes, long johns under my jeans and even a simple ball cap really help. You loose a lot of heat from your head. It is amazing how fast your feet adapt when you are in snow barefoot and moving.
    I hope you enjoyed your snowy barefoot day!
    Have a great night!

  2. Here is a link to my barefooting blog:

  3. Road salt does suck.Much better just on snow or slush.layering clothes helps really does help,and so does wearing some sort of hat.But l find that after a short distance,my feet warm up and there's no problem.Bare toes give me good grip too,and l saw many shod people sliding around!