Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lovely Evening

I saw my brother's concert tonight ( and after the concert was the reception at the Ocean House. The first thing I noticed were the exquisite gingerbread houses in the main lobby.

My father's Avondale Barn

Westerly Armory

The Ocean House thing off of the left. I had a nice conversation with a local store owner who lets barefooters in. 

His policy is: 
"Hey can I come in here with bare feet?" "Do you have money?" "Yes." "Ok come on in!" 
He's such a cool guy, clearly ahead of the curve on barefooting.

Pizza Place again barefoot. Wasn't noticed by the staff but I did have a great conversation with my eighth grade teacher who was very interested in my barefootedness.

Posing happily in the restaurant. Really am loving the fact my town is getting more and more hospitable.

After dinner my brother and I had a fantastically liberating jog through the park in the snow. I really thought it would be difficult and cold. It was no problem at all and it felt soooooo great. Tomorrow I am going up to Plymouth Mass with my father and my brother. I can't wait for another snow walking adventure it will be great.

Barefooting is easy,
Barefooting is good for you,
Barefooting is NOT illegal,
Join the revolution,

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  1. Hello Hayward.
    I am also an SBL member (since 1999)...welcome to the group.
    Great blog - very positive and informative. I found resources, such as blog postings from other barefooters very helpful and encouraging when I began to expand and grow my barefoot life.
    Nice to see you have strong convictions and a very supportive family and girlfriend...that is great. Many barefooters would barefoot but would stop at doing it "dressed up" - great for you last night to do it in style. This clearly shoes people you made a choice and your are a serious barefooter. Awesome for you! As well, congrats on trying snowfooting. I have trained myself to handle snow takes time, but can be done and is very fun. I hope you enjoy it.
    It is great to read your barefoot adventures - positive and negative. Have a great barefoot Christmas.