Monday, December 6, 2010

No shoes. No problem

Last night I spent just under three hours walking around barefoot the city in thirty degree weather. Am I crazy?! Quite possibly, but this isn't why I'm crazy. This is something our bodies were built to handle. At around ten I walked over to one of the student resturants. They close at eleven, but the door wouldn't open. We banged on the doors and windows looking in at a restaurant full of people and in full swing. After about ten minutes we all dispersed. I walked back to my dorm and tried to get in at the cafe there, still wouldnt let me in. Several other students tried and failed until a faculty member came from inside to let us in. Apparently it was a campus wide crash or something. I got in and got my meal barefoot without so much as a peep.

This morning I rolled out of bed and didn't have time to post anything. I also didn't have time to go get a veggie burger from my favorite spot. I did however have time to read some comments on YouTube and do a little Googling. I now know that OSHA has not only no regulations regarding shoes on customers but has no authority over customers. Armed with this new knowledge from my friends on YouTube I am confident even if I am challenged I will be able to get my food after class. I will put up a post on the results. Wish me luck!



  1. Hi
    When was the last time you wore shoes?

    Are you planning on going barefoot all winter?


  2. last time I wore shoes was a funeral, and a few times flip flops into mens bathrooms, other than that basically not since june. I will certainly try to go barefoot all winter. If not every day I will try to have them off most of the time. Its my first barefoot winter so I want to try to ease into it. I have a pair of five fingers ive worn maybe twice and those will be my snowboots if necessary.