Saturday, January 29, 2011

Susan G Komen and Drawing

While outstretched out on the couch watching TV my girlfriend and I saw a commercial for one of those get some sponsors and walk to raise money for breast cancer research. I suggested that we do the walk barefoot. She was receptive to the idea. She mentioned we would need sponsors. I told her that many people would be willing to donate to the teenage couple not wearing shoes.

At the same time it would also be some good publicity for barefooting. I have to watch for the commercial again to see when it is. I urge anyone who sees this who's local-ish to kick off your shoes and raise some money for a good cause.

In other news, I was reading the emails in the SBL list and one of them mentioned a relative who could draw with his foot. I immediately decided I had to give it a try. One of my favorite things to draw are old style two masted sailing ships.

Here it is. 

I am honestly very proud of this. I drew this with my left foot and it was my first try. Tell me what you think world! That means the walk and the drawing. 

Remember folks,

Barefooting is easy
Barefooting is good for you
Barefooting is NOT illegal
Join the revolution

Please comment!


  1. Hey, that picture is pretty good! I hope you do more.

  2. hahaha thanks, I havent been on this blog in a while because there isnt much barefoot news during the summer, but that said a new post is coming asap.