Monday, January 24, 2011

My dumb ass...

I didn't go to class today because I was feeling ill today. I did however go down to the Kennedy Plaza area to see if Will. (my Vietnam buddy) I went from the Kennedy Plaza entrance of CVS to go see will who sits near there. On the door I was SHOCKED to see that on the door was a sign containing the section saying "Footwear Required BY ORDER OF THE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH" I have seen only a few no shoes no service signs but never in my memory have I seen one claiming it was a Department of Health order.
On my way through I passed un noticed from one door to the other side door and again a sign saying the same thing. I slapped up one of my BRING DOWN THE MYTH magnets. Hopefully an employee will take it, visit this site and see what  I am about to say.

Dear CVS employee,

      I am very glad you visited my site. I was very upset to see this sign (pictured above) on the doors of your store. There are no Health Department laws, codes, or regulations mentioning footwear. This sign while I'm sure you didn't realize represents a lie, it does.

      Also, this sign I have not seen in any other CVS I have visited. So chances are you have no corporate policy against it. Common sense dictates that bare feet are of absolutely no risk to the contamination of your food. The Rhode Island Food Code, which I HAVE read contains no references to shoes not only on patrons, but makes no requirement for shoes on employees. The Health Department is concerned with a phrase repeatedly mentioned in the Food Code, "Food contact surfaces." The floor is not a food contact surface is it? If so you're in a lot more violations than just the mythical shoe rule.

     A major thing of this is that you have a sign that represents discrimination. As you may see by my site, I do not wear shoes for reasons of health, yes HEALTH. Studies for over a century have shown that shoes are unhealthy for the entire body. This sign represents a policy (non-existent) that could be easily considered discrimination against a person's health requirements.

    I strongly suggest that you take down these signs before someone like a Health Department employee sees this misrepresentation of their authority and in all likelihood, smacks you with a fine. I don't want that any more than you do. I don't think your store means to discriminate. That is just plain unAmerican. You are representing a regulation that you thought was legitimate. I am here to tell you that that regulation is a myth and that you need not misrepresent the Department of Health and yourselves.

   Attached is a link to a state index proving that the shoe Health Code is a myth and no state has a law requiring shoes. Bare Feet and the Health Department. I would be so excited to see those signs taken down. Once again thank you so much for your visit. I hope I have changed your minds on this subject. Feel free to comment on this post with your response.

Thank you again!

Anyway, I also sent a much shorter and simpler form of this complaint to the CVS feedback site. I copied it planning on pasting it here. I totally forgot about it though and the copy was lost. So yeah sorry about that mental lapse. (hence the title) Anyway I really hope I get a positive response from CVS. After all, it is a HEALTH company. If anyone would understand a health requirement it would be them.

As always my friends,

Barefooting is easy
Barefooting is good for you
Barefooting is NOT illegal
Join the revolution

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