Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Went to the mall. I still haven't resumed my battle with those people over my rights. Just slowly gathering data and evidence. So I went there barefoot and slipped on my smartwool vffs. On my way back to my dorm I went barefoot through Waterplace Park. The park ends in a tunnel that goes under the road. The outlet of the tunnel had a two foot wide path through the snow. Three young girls were on the far end of the path. They were middle school kids probably around 13 or so. As we approached each other I stepped to the side and walked around them through the snow. One of them said "Oh my god aren't your feet cold?" I told her no and I mentioned that shoes are bad for you. As we walked further and further apart one of them said to another "He just said shoes are bad for you." I replied "Yeah Google it." Another turned around and said "Why are they bad for you?" I turned and listed all the different things shoes could do to the body. One of them with a huge smile told me I was cool. I wished them a nice day and told them to Google it and they would find a lot of cool stuff.

A man in Kennedy Plaza looked over at me with a smirk. "Great day to leave the shoes at home huh?" I replied that I don't wear them because they're unhealthy. He replied with a very puzzled "Oh..."

I went to the bank and one of the employees on the way to his break looked down for a good second at my feet and didn't comment. I guess a bank doesn't care if they get their money.

On the way to my last stop a construction worker who I had apparently talked to before said "You still don't have shoes?" I cut him off and said "They're bad for you I don't wear em." "He finished his sentence by saying "We'll have to fix that."

A store I went to to look for something for my girlfriend had absolutely no issue with it. She saw my feet and looked down but was again not about to kick out a potential customer.

When I got back to the dorm I passed through the outer gates and when I was about fifty feet away a student yelled to me. I turned around and he said "Where are your shoes?" I replied "I don't wear em they're bad for you." So basically I repeated the same generic response to just about everyone that asked. Oh well.

As always,

Barefooting is easy
Barefooting is good for you
Barefooting is NOT illegal
Join the revolution

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