Sunday, January 23, 2011

Five Guys Success

I went in to FIVE GUYS to get my semi weekly burger there. I tried to hide my feet for the first few minutes because even though I am breaking no laws I try to generally avoid confrontation. After about 10 minutes of waiting behind a woman confused by the menu, a manager looking man came out from behind and walked past me. Around that time the woman had just finished. I started walking forward and the man passed me again and this time did a major double take, his legs passed me but his body swung down to see my feet. I kept walking a few more feet and he said I couldn't be in here without shoes. My response was something like, "There is no sign on the door saying I can't." Predictably enough his response was "It's a Health Code." (If I only had a nickel right guys?) I told him that it actually wasn't and showed him the paper. I told him that that law was a myth and no state has a law against it. I presented him the paper and he began to read down it. After about a minute of reading he asked to make a copy of it. I said absolutely and he took it into what I assume was an  office behind the kitchen.

I ordered my food and around the time I finished my order he emerged again and handed me back my paper. I saw that the copy had been placed on the front counter which seemed strange but I didn't ask.  I sat down and tweeted and foursquared away as people all around the restaurant looked and pointed towards my feet.

My order was called and the same employee delivered me my food. We wished each other a nice day and I put ketchup on my burger and went to my car.

I was so pleased to see how professional and polite this man was. Compared to other experiences I have had this should be a model of dealing with customers. He provided me with something he thought was a fact. I proved that that information was not factual and he let me present my case and allowed me to have my meal. So a BIG bravo to FIVE GUYS and the same to that employee. People could learn from him. If I had had a negative experience I would have most likely never come back and told everyone I knew what happened. Instead I am telling everyone I know how positive and professional the exchange was. If only everyone was like that.

Barefooting is easy
Barefooting is good for you
Barefooting is NOT illegal
Join the revolution

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  1. What is paper you speak of and where can I find it? I'd like to have some sort of proof that I can show those arrogant managers.

    Also, what do you do when you run into a store manager that doesn't care that it's not against the law or health codes and says it's store policy and won't serve you? Just leave, boycott, and bash them repeatedly.

  2. The paper is available right under my picture, it says check your state or something like that.

    If I get a pigheaded manager, I will exchange some words with them, sometimes follow up with emails and try to sort out why this discrimination happened. If the emails are negative and rude, I spam the place with little flyers and business cards. By spam i mean spread like 5 or so every few days