Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Day Sofar

So far my day has been pretty routine. I went to class, I came back to my room. I went out at around 2:00 to see if I could find Will, my Vietnam Sargent buddy. I found him in his usual spot. I asked him how he was. He said he was freezing. I asked him if he wanted anything to keep warm. Of course yes was his response. I came back with a bag of stuff my mom wrapped for him and delivered it. The bag was a little too large for the canvas bag on the back of his wheel chair (he lost his left leg) Luckily the drawstrings fit around the handles so it fit. So we had a nice conversation and yet again my bare feet brought a lot of attention our way and donations for him came along with that.

Anyway, back to barefooting related news. I am taking the RIPTA bus home today for the weekend. Last time on the bus I was told I need to wear shoes. I complied because I wasn't going to risk being thrown off. This time however, I am going to examine the bus for signs of any kind that say I cant be barefoot. If I see none at the END of my ride I will confront the driver. I looked at the RIPTA website is what I  found.

RIPTA Riding Guidelines

Someone tell me where the rule against barefooting is.

So here is my plan:

1 Board the bus in smartwool vffs. As I do check doors and cockpit for signs prohibiting being barefoot.
2 Ride comfortably until I get to my destination.
3 Once there ask if he is always the driver for this route. If yes...
4 Inform him of how I was very disappointed I was asked to wear shoes last bus ride bring up there are no signs on the bus saying I could not be barefoot (if accurate after assessment of the bus).
5 If told its a Health Code, present paperwork proving that false.
6 If told it is a RIPTA policy, ask if it would then be viewable on the RIPTA rules page.
7 If told yes I present the printout of the RIPTA rules which contain no reference to footwear.
8 Hopefully by then the issue will be done with. If not, bring up that it is discrimination not to let me on especially since you have no rule against it nor does the government.

Wish me luck friends!

Barefooting is easy
Barefooting is good for you
Barefooting is NOT illegal
Join the revolution

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  1. l worked as a train driver for many years on an electric railway using third rail.l don't think there was ANYTHING in the conditions of carriage for passengers about wearing shoes.Certainly l never had any problem with any barefoot passengers,they were just more passengers to shift from a to b.
    lf the bus people get the hump,and argue,all they'll go is to delay their bus for no reason.No-one wins that way.

  2. Good luck my friend, I think this people should stop caring so much about such an innocent thing. I really admire you for what you're doing, very few people have such a huge will.

  3. People are starving on the streets and cannot afford shoes. You are not hero. When you get bored of being in a rich society next time- why not do something really worth while like working with the homeless?

  4. Hey buddy... shut your damn mouth. I don't wear shoes because shoes are unhealthy and not wearing them has cured lifelong back pain I used to have to just deal with.

    I don't claim to be a hero anywhere in this post or anywhere else. If you actually read this post you might see that I have forged a friendship with a disabled and impoverished Vietnam Veteran. I help him out sometimes and keep him company when he is on the streets. I also have been doing charity and community service work most of my life. So you can take your hateful comments and stuff it dude...