Saturday, November 27, 2010

What a great day

I woke up this morning for a full day of adventure with my father. We went to breakfast at a local place. Had a fantastic meal and headed off into Connecticut. Barefoot, I went into Tractor Supply Co because my father had to grab something. I walked around only one person noticing me without shoes. Luckily there was no problems, he thought I was very tough for doing it.

In Norwich Connecticut we arrived at an old mill that was half collapsed. The first building we arrived at we hoped to use as a bridge over the river to the majority of the complex. The building had collapsed entirely on the inside so we had to use the nearly destroyed bridge that was on the ground level.

Through each building we crept moving over fallen debris. Eventually after exploring each  level we found a stairway partially blocked by an entire part of the building that had collapsed from the roof to the ground floor. At the bottom was the drive shaft, and beyond that the turbine.

All over the building were subtle signs of fire damage. Above the turbine room where the collapsed section lay in ruin the far side was very charred. We went around the building and took the stairs to get up to the rooms that lay beyond the collapsed section. Every floor for four stories emptied out into a sheer drop to a pile of charred wood at the bottom. A large portion of this building burned.
After this little adventure we went to a local restaurant called Manny's. No one seemed to noticed my being barefoot. This was a good because I was tired and in no mood for anyones discriminatory shit.

After another mill visit we went back to our little town to our local resort where there was a party. The ceremony was one of those usual tree lighting things. I got a few questions if I was cold why are you doing this etc. The funny thing is the first woman to notice my "barefooted-ness" thought I was some musician who hasn't worn shoes in ten years to raise awareness of people who cant afford them. I told her that I didn't wear shoes because it is better for your health and its more comfortable. Her face seemed to crack in half. It was a very amusing moment. I had my father take a picture of me inside the hotel among the crowds of shoe wearing patrons.
As always friends,

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  1. Glad to see you are sticking with it. It must be cold there in the north atlantic.
    It's interesting that you don't get a lot of people paying attention to you.

    Here in California we are cold right now. Last night it was 29 and in the evening, when I went to Target it was 39. Lot of people both outside and inside glanced downward , some did double takes.
    Security followed me in a ways into Target but turned and went back. Don't know why? Maybe I am just paranoid and he was just taking a walk?
    No negative encounters though.
    No problems at In N out burger al well, but lots of stares from the other tables.

    I think it's because in California people are not used to the cold and are way bundled up so it screams out to them that "that guy is barefoot!"

    It's nice to know there are some people out there toughing it out yet.

    Most people I know who have tried "Living Barefoot" have already quit mostly to either Negative encounters at stores or it being too hot or too cold for them to walk.

    I feel I will never quit. It's like my way of life now and I will continue forever and will just ignore all the backlash that comes with it.

    Maybe some day being barefoot will be pretty normal.