Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Checking in again

So, since I have been home I have been into a lot of places barefoot and done quite a lot. Let me try to remember all the places I went, Grocery store, no problem, got turkeys for the local Johnny cake center, (donation place?) so when I showed up with two turkeys in my arms they tell me I cant be in there barefoot. I think to myself "Ok do you want the gifts or not?" So they say theres glass on the ground, I simply reply theres a lot more glass on the streets of Providence and kept walking.

Next I went to up to Groton CT with my mother to pick up a friend of ours. We were going to drop him off in Boston and me in Providence on the way to work on my computer. In Mystic, the next town from Groton, we went to a Five Guys burger place. I went in you guessed it, barefoot. As this story gets more and more boring we listen to our friend who was extremely entertaining.

I was dropped off right in front of my dorm and after dropping a few things off in my room went to the CVS. A few people on the way asked where my shoes were. I told them in my dorm room and why I don't wear them, every time that day though they all were very open minded.

I picked up a lot of labels in the CVS and posted them around the city.  I really hope it is legal to put advertisements up. My friends tell me it is. Anyway so I put them up hoping to draw people to the movement and show them how to change their lives for the better. So, yeah, we drove back and had dinner with Molly. The dinner was quick because I had plans with my friend Alex.

My friend alex was back in town and we weren't about to pass up a chance to blow up something. We went to Walmart and quickly found the "boom department." We stocked up on as much flammables as we could afford and set out to start the fires. As the ground was set ablaze and glass was melting in our furnace, my feet were bare and happy. We had a ton of fun sculpting the glass in as many shapes and layouts as we could think of.

Today  I didn't do really much at all. Just raking the leaves and some yard work, then lunch with my father at McDonalds, barefoot. Thats all I have to report. Ill have more tomorrow.

As always,

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