Thursday, November 18, 2010

Beautiful ride

I rode all through Providence for an hour or so. I passed a group of construction workers shocked by the ripstik. They thought I  was barefoot because it was easier.  I told them that I actually never wear shoes and they were really taken back by that. They asked if I had a girlfriend and I said yes and that seemed to surprise them even more. They were overall more impressed than the usual looking down on me.

I went around Kennedy Plaza again and passed a bundled up woman in front of a booth for teen challenge. She yelled aren't you feet cold?! I told her not at all and explained why I don't wear shoes and she agreed with me and thought I was very smart.

I passed another group of women in front of JWU. They had a look of disgust and said something like your feet are going to freeze and I told them that no I'm warm and its actually a lot better for you and as they got further and further away I yelled GOOGLE IT. Just then a woman in high heels beside me said thats not good for you and I said actually its a lot healthier and I'm not cold at all. She countered by saying when you step on the pavement you will be and I told her no I just was for like 35 minutes strait. And she said maybe in the summer its good. And I told her and your feet were not designed to be like this as I raised my heel four of five inches off of the ground, and she said you know you are right about that and walked to her car. I win haha.


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