Sunday, November 14, 2010

One day without shoes

They say "Its hard without shoes." I say "BULLSHIT!" I have kept the shoes off for almost a year now and life has never been better health wise. I take pleasure in being able to walk around without shoes.  I can be comfortable while walking. Its great! If I were to do the same activity with shoes I would be aching during and after. OUR BODIES WERENT MEANT TO WEAR SHOES. If you, like me are a believer in evolution it seems stupid for us to wear shoes in our daily lives when our bodies took millions of years to evolve and design the perfect running, walking, jumping, moving platform, our feet. Shoes alter the way our bodies were designed to walk and it is killing us. America has the most "advanced" footwear in the world and we also have the most foot problems.

On April 8th, I say take your shoes off,  go throughout the day, and just keep going. Show the world how our bodies were meant to be treated and love every minute of the unparalleled comfort and ease of barefoot living!

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  1. l know the feeling back pain's much better since going barefoot 24/7.l tried the last pair of boots l had when it snowed,and was aching all over in minutes.When l took them off,and went barefoot,l was fine,and soon warmed up in the snow.Thousands of years of evolution can't be wrong,we weren't built to wear shoes.Barefoot's best l find.