Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dirty feet

I was ripstiking along through the dark after posting my it's easy without shoes signs when I passed this enormous piece of paper still on the ground from earlier. It had a number for questions so I quickly sent over a text. If I understood her correctly, the project was about how we all start off pure and are corrupted. And after it got dirty enough she would try to erase the mud and footprints but wouldn't be able to because we can never get back to that innocence. So I asked her later if she had retrieved the paper and she told me that it wasn't dirty enough. I asked if she needed some dirty feet. I spent about an hour jumping and walking all over it even riding a ripstik over that poor piece of paper. She said there was a second infront of the RISD library so I went over to try that one. As I was trying she popped out the door and asked menif I was the guy from the text. I said I was. After a few minutes of conversation and trying to dirty this paper we both headed back to our diff colleges. So I worked on a RISD project. Woo! The unrelated moral of the story is don't wear shoes.


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