Monday, November 15, 2010

Tonights events and an IDEA

After a heated "cyberbattle"between myself and another youtube user about an unrelated topic I found myself drained. I went out for a walk for a few hours in the early evening. The usual reactions of people staring passing by conversations stopping for a good 15 seconds after I pass. All in all a pretty usual night.

Anyway, I was on youtube commenting on a video about how not having shoes is bad which as we know is bullshit. I posted my own video with my thoughts. A fellow barefooter agreed and suggested that barefooters have a day to demonstrate how good it is for you. Well LETS DO IT! why the hell shouldn't we have a barefoot day? A get back to basics approach to life.

We are increasingly enveloped in this world where everything is synthetic and artificial and going barefoot is just one way we can remember we are human. We can get back to who we are. and as part of barefoot day we should have a challange to go as long as you can without shoes and see the benefits. They should also put their experience on youtube and online. The more publicity the barefoot movement can get the better!

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