Sunday, March 20, 2011

Yesterday (Late Post)

While in Baltic Connecticut we arrived at an old mill that my father and I had explored previously. It was a very interesting old mill partially demolished partially fallen in. There were some old and new vehicles partially under the rubble. I thought it would be worth visiting again but we found some things we weren't expecting...

The cars were still there but they were completely torn to pieces.  There were saber saw blades all over the floor. This was not the part that worried us though. 

Literally all over the floor were articles of womens clothing, especially shoes. We first spotted a single stiletto heel. "HOOKER SHOE!" I exclaimed and we all shared a little laugh, then we saw another shoe, and another, and another, we found over thirty pairs of womens shoes scattered all over the floor. In addition to all of the shoes, we found torn up parts of clothing, knitted sweaters,  purses, hats, and more. We couldn't help but be overcome by a terrible feeling that some really bad things happened here.

Among the large amounts of personal items we found down here, we also found some children's toys. This plastic once doll was smashed into the rubble. This was among the creepiest things we found in this place. When my father and I went, it was dark, we found two axes. A double handed fire ax and a small hatchet. The hatched was heavily dented but I didn't have a second thought about it because it was cool so I took it. On the lower floor though we found a on the second time back. Maybe I worry too much about these things...but to me it really seems suspicious... 

After I described the floor in such great detail I am sure you were probably all wondering, is this guy barefoot on this rubble covered concrete floor strewn with saber saw blades and the personal items of those long murdered? The answer is yes. Would I recommend this to someone who is a beginner? NO! You probably haven't developed the  toughness of skin and the observation skills to successfully navigate such a hazardous environment. 

After that hellish place we ended up at a beautiful little stream. 

Harrison wanted to survey the stream to see if there were any fishable inhabitants in the water. 

Nothing fishable, but filled with little creatures. 

Barefooting is easy
Barefooting is good for you
Barefooting is NOT illegal
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  1. There's a place around here that looks almost exactly like that stream area you went to. How odd!

  2. Connecticut? Though consider that most streams have a pretty similar layout.