Monday, March 7, 2011

Long time no post...

Well hello world I am back at college and kicked off my day with a long walk around this lovely city I call home. Surprisingly, I was only questioned by a few people throughout the course of the day. Probably because it is getting warmer. I did not do all that much today and after a few hours of sleeping and doing some work on my iPhone, I went down for some dinner. I managed to get in at the height of activity and was un noticed. I had my meal with no interruptions or intrusions. On my way out I saw a friend who I see in the halls from time to time. She told me about a friend telling her about a place in California with a NSNSNS sign. I told her that in California it is much more acceptable to be barefoot than it is here.

On a related note I will be ordering some new advertisements featuring a little parody on NSNSNS I tweeted a few weeks ago. "No Law, No Sign, NO POLICY" This I thought was very appropriate especially when stores claim they have a policy against bare feet when there are no signs on the door. If they expect people to do something and follow a policy, they need to have a sign up. It irritates me the most when the store doors are covered in policies and no mention of shoes, Then they claim that they have a policy. CLEARLY they make sure all of their policies are listed, yet this one somehow falls through the cracks? Uhm...that would be a NO.

No Law, No Sign, NO POLICY!

Barefooting is easy
Barefooting is good for you
Barefooting is NOT illegal
Join the revolution

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  1. It's good to see a new post!

    I can confirm that in California there are NSNSNS signs, however they are few here.

    In my local town only 2 places have it. A Bakery and a Taco shop. So I just avoid them. None in the rest of the town.
    I do seem to see more near the beach, but I have gone into places that have them and don't get bothered.
    I have came to the conclusion that the ones by the beach are to keep people out without a shirt on and the sign can only be bought that says shirt and shoes.
    There are a lot of people without shirts by the beach and some places like a local Pizza place called Pizza Port has people inside w/o shirts. SO I think the signs have to do with that.