Sunday, February 6, 2011

Snowfooting Joy

     I rolled out of bed to my father's voice. I got ready grabbed a pair of snow boots, walked barefoot through the snow and over the ice as my brother and father slipped around in their Cabelas boots. I threw the boots on the car floor and we discussed where we would go for brunch. We decided to go to Friendly's, a restaurant that claims to have a footwear policy but there are no signs on the door and I have had no problems. Anyway I got in no problems ate my food and left my card.

     We went up to the flea market and I was noticed by some of the outdoor vendors (the main place is in an old textile mill). They started talking about people from Peru who never wear shoes and my father and him started talking about Tibetan Snow Walkers who apparently walk in the Himalayas. Anyway they all seemed to approve and be very impressed. We meandered around the outdoor stands for about ten or fifteen minutes I could quickly tell they salted parts of the lot.

     We got inside and the family was standing in one of the aisles and a woman was glaring at me. I just resumed talking to my family and she came over and looked me right in the eye. Apparently she mistook me for a grandson of hers. He was at the flea market a few weeks ago with no shoes.

     We stopped at another stand as one of the women (a mother) questioned me and I started telling her all about what I do. She was much more curious and a little concerned than condescending which was nice. My father came over and began talking to her and the husband while my brother began to shuffle in his boots. He quickly said "screw these my feet hurt." So barefoot my brother and I wandered in an old textile mill perusing all the vendors inventory. Eventually we got to a fisherman's stand and naturally my brother being the writer of, had to stop. During his transaction the vendor asked us if we liked going barefoot. We said always and he told us to look up VFFs. We told him we own several pairs and wear them when we have to.

     As we were about to leave dad told harrison to rub his feet off on the rug and put his boots back on. I told him not to worry about it the snow and salt would clean our feet off perfectly. Both our feet were completely black on the bottom from the dirt and particles built up in there over the years. After only a hundred or so feet through the snow and ice we pulled our feet into the car, completely spotless. Harrison was marveling at how his feet had never been so clean. Dad was accepting of it but still not happy I dragged his other sun through the snow barefoot.

     We then went for a walk in the woods. I had never walked in the woods barefoot and I hadn't thought to try today. I donned my snow boots and the discomfort quickly set in. About thirty minutes in Harrison went off the trail along a stream and all of our boots got filled with snow as the snow was 3 feet deep. After a few hundred feet we decided to turn back for safety's sake. My feet were freezing. We started walking back and when we were within a few hundred feet of the car I took my shoes off and then for a photo op threw them into the air. I was absolutely shocked to feel how warm the snow was and how my feet instantly became so much more comfortable. It really makes a difference walking in unsalted natural unpolluted snow. The 
feeling was fantastic.

Off with the shoes

It felt so liberating and wonderful. 

Healthy footprint? Anyone who knows footprints does it look right? Or for a year of barefooting?

I would be standing in snow if it weren't knee deep so in order to see my feet I stood on a rock.

In one of the shallower spots. 

I am probably the first person if not ever in then in a long time to stand on this pillar barefoot.

     This is the restaurant that had the sign. I left one of my cards there after having a wonderful BAREFOOT meal there. They must be unaware that the sign is a total lie. Not only that I am pretty sure it is very illegal to lie about laws. I will give them a call to tell them that because they are a good place so they shouldn't have to be in trouble for something they probably don't know isn't true. 

     Heading up to school tomorrow and will be stopping at Shaws to grab some groceries. I have never had any problems at Shaws especially considering I am there all the time. I was actually here tonight to drop off a redbox movie. So I've had no problems so far. Wish me luck folks!

Barefooting is easy
Barefooting is good for you
Barefooting is NOT illegal
Join the revolution

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  1. Fresh-fallen dry snow feels like walking on flour. It's the most soothing feeling.

  2. for me since i live in new england dry snow is hard to find. We have wet, sticky snow.