Wednesday, February 9, 2011

If you own Sperry Top Siders...

Before becoming a barefooter I never wore sneakers. I always hated shoes but the shoe I could wear with decent comfort was the Sperry topsider. After not wearing shoes I started to realize how uncomfortable they were. Earlier in my barefoot days, I didn't have the confidence to be barefoot in restaurants or other public places, still being under the myth of the health codes and laws against barefooting. What I did was cut off the rubber soles of the shoes so only a thin layer of leather was in-between me and the pavement. It was a pretty good solution to it. I do sometimes wear them when I am going to walk in snow for great distances or in places my bare feet aren't tough enough to go. One of the things I noticed that really surprised me. While on the beach with some friends in freezing temperatures and winds gusting up to 50 I noticed my footprints. Every step I took left a perfect barefoot print in the sand. I thought holy crap this is amazing. These shoes hardly interfere with my natural gait at all. 

That turned out to be a really cool discovery but the thing is that my feet now are tough enough to go just about anywhere. That may have been a nice thing to know when I was still transitioning out of shoes. Oh well. I figured I would tell you all this story and to any Sperry topsider owners, cut the rubber bottoms off and make your shoes infinitely more comfortable. It is a great way to transition out of shoes without having to buy expensive transitional footwear like Vibram Five Fingers.

So yeah world cut the soles off of your shoes and reap the benefits of a more sensible shoe. Though there are those who say there is no such thing. So perhaps enjoy the benefits of a less senseless shoe.

Barefooting is easy
Barefooting is good for you
Barefooting is NOT illegal
Join the revolution

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  1. How do I cut up the soles like you did

  2. Yes i also would like to know how you cut the soles off of your sperry top siders. Post a tutorial perhaps.