Saturday, August 6, 2011

My summer so far (Sorry long time no post)

Both my and my brother's summers have been dominated by work and climbing, Barefoot of course. 

Sometimes though we just relax

Though most of the climbing I do is with one of my best friends late at night. 

I am holding his camera here which as you can see...

Is of better quality than my iPhone camera...

A rare treat the other day was a trip to Fort Tyler, known locally as The Ruin.

You can see here that it is in terrible condition

It was used for target practice, the island is littered in bombs and blullets, several bullets were still embedded halfway into the metal. 

It was an absolutely lovely spot

The bombs blew the concrete to pieces so there were plenty of jagged climbing surfaces to take advantage of.

Here you can see my brother scaling the side of one of the tallest parts of the fort.

Here about 15 feet off of the ground, he sat and watched the clouds go by

The whole fort was beautiful to explore and a lot of fun to climb.

This is one of the elevator shafts used for ammunition transport. Which of course I had to climb up.

Here I am climbing up another face of the fort, I climbed just about every side of the structure. You can see my feet hard at work grasping every surface I could touch. Good luck grasping the wall in shoes!

When I got to the top the wind was blowing quite hard and caught my hair yielding this odd looking picture.

Barefooting is easy
Barefooting is good for you
Barefooting is NOT illegal
Join the revolution

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  1. heyyy Im a barefooter in providence too!
    *high five*

  2. I will be up there tonight, getting a new iphone hopefully

  3. Great pics. Have you converted your brother to barefooting too - or does he just prefer the climbing :-)
    The fort is certainly a ruin ! The concrete looks great to scamble on, but it must get a bit rough on the toe pads after a bit ?