Monday, August 22, 2011

Providence Place Mall

Drove up from my hometown today because I missed the city. Being barefoot in the city felt absolutely awesome. I missed the feeling and the diverse landscapes. Sadly, I went to the mall, who's code of conduct mind you has no reference to a requirement for footwear. Sadly though the security officers feel the need to exercise their power and force me to wear shoes in what I can only categorize as ignorance and intolerance. The mall owners don't feel a need to post a requirement for shoes one the door but these petty little security people still insist there is a rule.

As we know there are no laws or regulations put out by the federal or state governments requiring footwear in any establishment or even while driving. This old misconception is getting rather infuriating.

Anyway I am at my favorite store, the Apple store. One of a few places I can talk to out of the box people in this mall. Having a lot of fun here typing away and feeling the awesome energy of this place.

Anyway, I am sporting my shirt with a plain block of text stating:

"Its LEGAL to be
Just saying..."

One of my favorite shirts!

Tell me what you think!

Barefooting is easy
Barefooting is good for you
Barefooting is NOT illegal
Join the revolution

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