Monday, October 15, 2012

School and life

Well folks it's been quite busy lately. I've been working nearly nonstop but for the most part it's been good work.

I worked several jobs in the summer and am still working a few now. I managed to get some spare time this summer, though it was still pretty lonely. I did however get a chance to improve my long boarding skills to a point that I am now able to zip though traffic at high speeds with total maneuverability. I have built up my climbing skills enough that I can confidently conquer nearly any local face with no rope at all. I have done more filming for a A day in THE LIFE, which is fun but it's just a casual hobby. I've still been selling my letterpress stuff and making money on the side.

The biggest things that have happened to me recently are that I have spontaneously decided to start buying and wearing really high end clothing, for nearly any activity. I've been much more social than usual and have started talking to a lot more people and enjoying it. Finally and perhaps most importantly, I went in for an interview today for a job with my University. It went very well and they were fascinated and accepting of my lack of footwear. The job is a tutor esque role primarily for the Adobe Creative Suite. This job could perhaps, if I play my cards right lead to more employment at the university. Wouldn't it be lovely to be a professor?

On the subject of bare feet, I have been asked to leave two places so far this school year. Both stories are interesting and brief.

The first took place at a campus dining facility about a month ago. A man in a culinary uniform came up to me and said I couldn't be here without shoes. I asked him why not mentioning that there is no sign on the door and no JWU policy and he said "It's a law." We all know that's what we in polite society call "horse shit."

I basically informed him that I had faced this issue before and it had been resolved. I told him that I had hoped that the university had moved on from such foolishness. He informed me that he wasn't even at the university for that. The worker also said that he would speak with the heads of campus dining and that he wasn't aware he needed signs and would be putting them up.

He tried bringing up the feeble old glass arguement. I would not let that stand. I told him he knows just as well as I do the condition of the streets of Providence. He replied with the typical "I know but in here..." I was growing tired with this drone and was really wanting to eat with my roommate who had been patiently waiting at our table. I basically told him that as it stands he had no authority to remove me and he relented and said next time I would need shoes. I haven't went back since. Mostly because I don't like the food. 

The second instance was about a week ago. I was walking through the east side of Providence helping my roommate distribute some flyers to find a job. We went into a Pizzaria on Wickenden St. They quickly noticed I had no shoes and said I can't be in here, I told them "I'm sorry I must have missed the sign on the door." They quickly fired back that they didn't need a sign. Sensing the opportunity for some fun I cocked my head sideways in confusion. This took them back a little that the idea of anyone being barred from a store for no shoes was apparently so foreign to me. They then tried reasoning with me. They said "Well feet and food just don't go together." I guess they thought I wasn't quick enough to come back with a coherent response. I replied within an instant "I agree completely. That's why I don't eat off of the floor." There is a great degree of satisfaction outwitting the unintelligent. They told me it's a Rhode Island state law. I informed them that it is actually a very pervasive myth and theres no law saying I need shoes. I left shortly after mostly because we just needed to drop off flyers. 

It was fun. In class a few people have been very interested and finally have started talking to me after seeing me for a few years. I guess they had to wait to see if I was some sort of maniac. Once they realized I won't bite them they have started to be more social. 

With all of this still happening I have been working, and working, and working. My hopes by putting up a new post are to both let you folks know how it's been going for me and to hopefully get some of that ad money to add to the tuition fund. You folks know college is expensive. Gotta keep the machine going. 

Sorry for the absence and I hope to post more regularly. 

Barefooting is easy
Barefooting is good for you
Barefooting is NOT illegal
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  1. Welcome back!

    Do you still urbex? I've sent you a mail or two in July. Unfortunately you didn't answer.

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